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Video - Rebuilding and Rebranding (Chisholm, Reid, & Beck)

Alberta Professional Planners Institute 2016 Annual Conference

Meeting Change

October 2-4, 2016

Jasper, Alberta

Canada’s west has endured a variety of changes in recent years.  Economically, politically, demographically, technologically, environmentally – we are immersed in our evolution.  We have been and will be confronting, embracing, and addressing an unfolding political landscape, economic challenges, climate change, technical advancements, and immigrant influx and cultural diversification. Not only that, the planning frameworks for Alberta are also undergoing transformations. Whether addressing emergent opportunities or delivering transformation, new challenges and creative solutions provide important platforms for actively sharing and embracing the changes around us. At the 2016 APPI Conference we gather with the great minds of the planning profession to learn, discuss, and boldly meet change.

Rebuilding and Rebranding (Chisholm, Reid, & Beck)


Heather Chisholm RPP, MCIP, Principal Planner, City of Edmonton “The Quarters Downtown: A Vibrant Urban Village”

Braidon Reid, Commercial Business Strategist, City of Edmonton “Corner Store Program: Rebuilding the Heart of Community”

Tom Beck RPP, MCIP, Planner with Urban Renewal, City of Edmonton  “Downtown Edmonton is Changing…for Good”

4C Rebuilding and Rebranding: Changing Perceptions of a Place

This workshop will focus on plan implementation and changing the publics’ perceptions of a place by exploring the unprecedented transformation taking place in Edmonton’s Downtown and The Quarters Downtown, as well as some of the smaller scale transformations taking place at the neighbourhood level in a few of Edmonton’s strip malls. Place branding is a fairly new term that basically refers to how a location is marketed. Presenters will explore marketing methods and get attendees to think creatively about places in their municipalities that might be perceived to be unpleasant. This workshop will be delivered in three parts:

1) Brief background on The Quarters Downtown and Edmonton’s Corner Stores Project – what’s been done and what’s planned

2) Information on place branding principles and things that are being done to revitalize formerly fairly undesirable locations

3) Activity to think creatively and apply place branding principles and ideas being implemented to change perceptions to attendees’ locations of choice. Learning Units: 1.0