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Land Use Planning Topics: Planning-Models, Guidelines, and Tools (scholarly references)

Land Use Planning Topics

Planning: Models and Guidelines

References that have links are freely available on the internet.

Amler, B., Betke, D., Eger, H., Ehrich, C., Kohler, A., Kutter, A., … Zimmermann, W. (1999). Land use planning: Methods, strategies and tools. Eschborn, Germany: Universum Verlagsanstalt.

Video: Transportation as Anti-Oppression Work (Keynote: Tamika Butler)

Building Resilience: National Planning Conference

June 17 – 20, 2017

Alberta Professional Planners Institute & Canadian Institute of Planners.

Calgary, Alberta

Our cities, towns, and communities are facing a growing number of changes. From understanding new environmental concerns to responding to shifts in demographics and our globalizing local economies, planners and their colleagues are navigating new realities of what ‘building resilience’ means.