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Video: Development of a World Class Environmental Monitoring System for Alberta (Ernie Hui)

Ernie Hui, CEO, Environmental Monitoring for Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development gave the keynote address at the CWRA-WPAC joint conference on March 13, 2013. He explained that this new monitoring agency was created in response to expert advice from scientists for a public arms-length agency to lead environmental monitoring in Alberta.

Mr. Hui's presentation covered:

  • where Alberta had been with its monitoring systems in the past,
  • what had been accomplished in the past year, and
  • what is desired of the new agency (centrally coordinated, integration among air, land, water and biodiversity monitoring, science based and open and transparent).

Ernie Hui, CEO, Environmental Monitoring, Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, has led policy development at Alberta Environment for a number of years. He was Deputy Minister of Alberta Environment and Water in 2011. He has served as ADM of Environmental Assurance.