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Video - That's Not Waste: It's Food!

Cultivating Connections: Alberta Regional Food Systems Forum

February 5, 2017

Waste as a Resource: That's Not Waste: It's Food! Relishing the Misfits and Other Food Recovery Stories

Marsha Shack, Teacher, Permaculturalist, Waste Warrior (moderator)

Marjorie Bencz, Executive Director, Edmonton Food Bank (Second Helping Program, Edmonton Gleaners Association)

Sandra Ngo, Community Resource Coordinator (Grocery Run at the Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative)

Lourdes Juan, Founder & Executive Director, Leftovers Rescue Food Foundation

Leanne Moreira, Project Outreach Coordinator, Recycling Council of Alberta, (Feed 500 Red Deer)

Maximizing and stewarding our food system resources to build an abundant and integrated regional food system for all. The generation of wastes in agriculture, including land, air and water pollution, and greenhouse gases, represents a serious environmental issue that demands attention if we are to strive for healthy, ecologically beneficial, and sustainable agri-food systems. Creating new networks to eliminate the waste of perfectly good food on the consumption end by distributing it to those in need. This session highlights diverse programs that reach restaurants, grocery stores, homes, cafeterias, and catering operations.