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The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network is the source of information related to land use planning in Alberta. By collecting and sharing leading-edge ideas and research, the Land-use Knowledge Network has been contributing to effective land use decision making since 2011.

 The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network was created and is managed by fRI Research

Moving Knowledge into Practice


The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network is an extensive database of high quality and accessible land use information and knowledge resources. All information has been curated and reviewed to ensure it is relevant to Alberta. With information pyramids and leading practices for website design, the Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network provides knowledge for practical use.

 View a 15-minute presentation by Dr. Kirby Wright, the lead designer of the Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network, about how this website was designed to be an effective tool for the land use planning community. 

Supporting Alberta’s Land use Planning Community


With a directory of networks, organizations and individuals, the Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network connects researchers, scientists, policy-makers, planners, practitioners, and organizations with an interest in land use issues. Event listings and news contribute to the dialogue relating to land use challenges and opportunities. 

More Resources at the Land Use Planning Hub


The Land Use Planning Hub is an informal network that supports the implementation of Alberta’s regional plans. By connecting practitioners and planners from around the province, the Land Use Planning Hub shares information, stories, and feedback relating to land-use planning. The Land Use Planning Hub is a companion website to the Land-use Knowledge Network.

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