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The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network contributes to effective land use planning, analysis and decision making by:

  • Providing access to high-quality, relevant, trusted and accessible information and knowledge resources

  • Supporting the many networks, organizations and individuals involved in land use issues

  • Providing technologies, resources and information management to land use professionals and organizations

  • Facilitating conversations and dialogues to explore land use challenges and issue

Click here to view a video presentation by Dr. Kirby Wright about the Land-use Knowledge Network: Moving knowledge into practice.

Dr. Kirby Wright describes the design concepts behind the Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network website in "Website Design Perspectives, ALuKN".

Neil MacAlpine expands on the concept of "Information Pyramids", a unique concept for structuring actionable information (knowledge) on the ALuKN website.

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Submitted by Michelle Cotton on

I am really appreciative of this initiative to compile land-use information. I was wondering if there was a way to search for information by author or presenter. If not I think this would be a really good addition to the webpage.
Michelle Cotton

Submitted by tmchugh on

Thank you for your question. You can search by author or presenter name in our search bar, and anything related will come up. If you want to browse by author or presenter (without entering any names), however, we currently don't have that function. We will consider that in future upgrades.

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