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Land Use Planning Topics: Land Tools Compendium-Agriculture (scholarly references)

Land Use Planning Topics

Land Tools Compendium: Agriculture

References that have links are freely available on the internet.


Alberta Environment and Parks (2014). Efficient Use of Land: Implementation Tools Compendium. Government of Alberta.

Created in 2014 by the Government of Alberta, this compendium outlines tools and practices to implement strategies for the efficient use of land. The strategies are targeted to planners, landowners and developers, public land managers, and public service providers – anyone involved in land use decision making. Some of the strategies have been tested and applied within Alberta and other strategies are adapted from planning practices around the world.

Bezlepkina, I., Reidsma, P., Sieber, S., & Helming, K. (2011). Integrated assessment of sustainability of agricultural systems and land use: Methods, tools and applications.


Binder, C. R., Feola, G., & Steinberger, J. K. (2010). Considering the normative, systemic and procedural dimensions in indicator-based sustainability assessments in agriculture. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 30(2), 71-81.

This paper develops a framework for evaluating sustainability assessment methods by separately analyzing their normative, systemic and procedural dimensions as suggested by Wiek and Binder. Solution spaces for decision-making – a sustainability assessment tool for city-regions]. The framework is then used to characterize indicator-based sustainability assessment methods in agriculture.