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Market Gardener Masterclass

“Today’s small-scale organic vegetable producers face a real vacuum when it comes to acquiring training in the cutting-edge techniques that are emerging in the field.  The Market Gardener’s Masterclass is an online program where, through precise written and video instruction, they can get the exact methodology, tools and techniques I use to grow crops successfully in a context of heightened efficiency. The goal is to take their market gardening to the next level.” Jean-Martin Fortier

The Market Gardener’s Masterclass is an online program that combines in-depth video tutorials, detailed standard operating procedures, peer group interactions and a variety of downloadable resources, providing a complete library of methods, techniques and tools to effectively start and run an organic vegetable production on small acreage.

Based on more than 15 years of research and development in the field by JM Fortier, our program is designed as an all-in-one resource containing trialled and tested practices that, when applied, can help farmers work fewer hours, increase the quality of their produce, make more profit and enjoy a better quality of life.

Who is it for?

Beginning and professional farmers and market gardeners

Established growers who want to up their game

Serious gardeners who want to improve efficiency and grow on a larger scale

“Dreamers” who aspire to one day launch their market garden

Course Outline

Cost $1,997USD

Check out Fortier, J-M. (2014). The market gardener: A successful grower's handbook for small-scale organic farming. New Society Publishers. Available in print, ebook, and audio formats.