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Video - Technical Challenges of Large Scale Spill Response and Remediation Projects

Canadian Land Reclamation Association

Edmonton Lunch & Learn

January 26. 2017

Justin Lehoux, Project Manager, Spills and Reclamation, North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc., explains that most unplanned releases come with technical challenges surrounding clean-up activities, including but not limited to rapid logistics planning, unknown site conditions, and access constraints. However, large scale releases have unique and complex technical challenges that sometimes require innovative solutions to achieve project closure. North Shore Environmental Consultants Inc. (North Shore) has worked on a large number of large scale spill response and remediation projects over the past decade and has faced many unique challenges that we have had to overcome. This presentation outlines some strategies and methods to consider when conducting large scale spill response and remediation activities. We will discuss these concepts in more detail and provide examples of how we have successfully utilized them on large scale spill response and remediation projects.

Two videos