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Video - The Way Forward: Food Policy Entrepreneurship (Policy Plenary)

Cultivating Connections: Alberta Regional Food Systems Forum

February 5, 2017

Policy Plenary: The Way Forward: Food Policy Entrepreneurship

Wayne Roberts (moderator)

Jason Cathcart, Director, Regional Planning, Alberta Environment and Parks, Land Use Secretariat

Caitlin Dorward, Senior Research Associate, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Krista Milford, Research Project Coordinator, Benchmarking Food Environments, University of Alberta School of Public Health (Discover Where We Are Succeeding & Where We Need To Go On Supportive Nutrition Policies)

Kristi Peters-Snider, City of Calgary, Office of Sustainability

Land use, food network, nutrition, and food council perspectives Discover what planning tools, applicable to maintaining an agricultural land base, may be available for you to use to minimize urban encroachment (fragmentation and conversion of agricultural land). A bioregional food network best practices review will highlight the required supportive policies and programs that allow for regional food sourcing, distribution and purchasing strengthening the regional economy. Discover where we are succeeding and where we need to go on supportive nutrition policies thanks to the Power Up team and their provincial report card. Knowing what research, relationships and governance is fundamental to an effective food council should help you kick start your own.


In this address, Jason Cathcart discusses agricultural land, the efficient use of land, and the need for policy in this area.

Land-use Framework

Agriculture and Forestry Reporting


In this address, Caitlin Dorward discusses Food Policy Entrepreneurship and the role of applied research to support food policy entrepreneurship. She notes that in order to change the food system, it is necessary to change the policy.


In this section of the policy address, Krista Milford explains the nutrition policies that are succeeding and what is still needed in this realm.