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Conference (2015): Health & Food: Is There a Future? (AIA)

The Alberta Institute of Agrologists held their 2015 Banff Conference from March 31 to April 2, 2015. The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network attended and can share some of the excellent presentations here.

  1. Catherine Chan & Noreen Willows - AIA Green Paper: Food Environment, Health & Chronic Disease
  2. Catherine Mah - How City-Regions are Leading the Way on Food, Health, and the Environment - Part 1, Part 2
  3. Barry Adams - Ecological Tools for Sustainable Management of Alberta Rangelands - Part 1, Part 2
  4. Harvey Anderson - Our Food System and Chronic Disease: Cause or Cure?
  5. Sean Cash - Consumers, Food Policy, and Health: An Economic Perspective
  6. Jeff Stewart - Food Safety Modernization in Alberta
  7. Anne Kennedy - Using Health Claims in Product Promotions: Opportunities and Obligations
  8. Stephen Genuis - What's Out There Making Us Sick?