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Alberta Watershed Councils: Milk River Watershed

Milk River Watershed

This report is a significant achievement in the move toward resource management that is uninhibited by political boundaries. Resource managers in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and in the State of Montana have joined together with the Milk River Watershed Council Canada to report on the State of the Milk River watershed. Although resource management decisions may continue to start and end at interprovincial and international boundaries, this document signifies a turning point for the Milk River watershed where managers understand the importance of sharing information with neighbouring jurisdictions for the better management of common resources.

The Milk River Transboundary State of the Watershed Report – 2nd Edition (size 106 MB)

2008 Milk River State of the Watershed Report (size: 10 MB)


Integrated Watershed Management Plan

An integrated watershed management plan (IWMP) is a document that provides recommendations on natural resource management. The IWMP is developed co-operatively, so that the recommendations consider the needs of everyone.

Draft Milk River Integrated Watershed Management Plan Terms of Reference (2.4 MB)

Comment Sheet (.pdf)

Milk River Integrated Watershed Management Plan Terms of Reference Fact Sheet

From March to May 2016, Alberta Environment and Parks invited stakeholders and Indigenous people from Treat 6 and Treaty 7 to provide feedback on the Draft Approved Water Management Plan for the Milk River Basin (Alberta) – Phase One.  The feedback received was used to update the draft water management plan.