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Conference 2016: Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) Fall Forum 2016: Water on the Prairies

Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) Fall Forum 2016

Water on the Prairies

September 19 2016

Red Deer, Alberta

The Prairie Conservation Action Plan 2016-2020

Presenter: Katheryn Taylor (pending)

The Status of Biodiversity in the Grassland and Parkland Regions of Alberta

Presenter:Corrine Copp (pending)

Aquatic Invasive Species: The Alberta Approach & Program Highlights

Presenter: Kate Wilson

Water Quality and Integrated Watershed Management

Presenter: Josée  Méthot (no video)

Surviving and Thriving in Last Year's Country (Dianne Westerlund)

Presenter: Dianne Westerlund (pending)