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Conference (2017): NSWA Spring Forum - Water Quality Management in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

Water Quality Management in the North Saskatchewan River Watershed

North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) Water Quality Forum

April 6, 2017

Agora Room, Strathcona Community Centre, 401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park, Alberta


1. Surface Water Quality Overview of the North Saskatchewan River Basin

Vanessa Swarbrick, Limnologist, Alberta Environment and Parks provides a high level overview of the North Saskatchewan River basin including a discussion on the basin characteristics, historical and current water quality and the current management practices in place to protect and manage this resource.

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2. Implementation of the Water Management Framework for the Industrial Heartland and Capital Region

Alyssa Tuininga, Alberta Environment and Parks talks about her department’s past, present, and future work on the water management framework in the industrial heartland and the capital region. She includes a history of the framework, the load management approach, how the water quality and maximum allowable loads objectives were developed and the development of operational programs.


3. EPCOR’s Source Water Protection Plan for the North Saskatchewan River

Stephanie Neufeld, Watershed Specialist at EPCOR, explains the holistic approach to protecting the watershed of the North Saskatchewan River.


4. Impact of Water Quality on Drinking Water Treatment

Nicola Lewin, Senior Manager, Operations at EPCOR discusses how changing river conditions effects Edmonton’s two water treatment plants.


5. Practical Tools for Improving Water Quality on the North Saskatchewan River

Dr. Shari Clare Director and Senior Biologist, Fiera Biological Consulting discusses watersheds and environmental planning and practical tools for improving water quality in the North Saskatchewan River basin.


6. Deriving Nutrient Objectives for Agricultural Streams in Alberta

Dr. Greg Piorkowski, Water Research Specialist, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry explains how his team is setting objectives for agricultural streams in Alberta, how they set the nutrient objectives and the implications for the objectives.


7. Protection of Watershed Values During Forestry Operations in the Upper North Saskatchewan River Basin

Bob Winship, RFP, Weyerhaeuser Pembina

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8. Implementation of Edmonton's River for Life Strategy

Ross Bulat, Senior Environmental Engineer. & Xiangfei Li, .Senior Environmental Engineer, City of Edmonton explain what the City of Edmonton is doing to reduce our impact on the North Saskatchewan River including the 30 year strategic plan to reduce pollutant discharge.