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Municipal Management of Industrial Development

A new report developed through the Community Conserve project focuses on how municipalities can manage industrial development within their municipal boundaries.

The interface of municipal planning and industrial development poses a challenge for municipalities. Municipalities are not often major players in deciding whether industrial development proceeds in the province, yet the adverse impacts of such development are mostly felt at the local level.

The Municipal Government Act (MGA) gives municipalities the power to plan and regulate the development of land within their borders using their general bylaw, land planning, subdivision, and zoning powers, among other tools. However, there is tremendous potential for overlap with both provincial and federal authority when it comes to industrial development. What limitations, if any, does the MGA impose on municipal authority in this area? What areas fall exclusively under provincial and/or federal jurisdiction? How can municipalities determine whether they have the authority to regulate a particular development, in whole or in part?

For a discussion of these questions and more, see Municipal Management of Industrial Development.

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