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Tool: Climate Adaptation Maturity Scale (FCM)

Is your municipality being impacted by climate change through events such as flooding, permafrost melt, extreme temperatures and drought? Are you working to respond to these impacts or looking to get started? Assess your current practices and track improvement using FCM's Climate Adaptation Maturity Scale.

MCIP Climate Adaptation Maturity Scale

Download and complete the scale to measure your progress as you develop and implement a local adaptation plan, or incorporate climate change risk planning into your asset management and municipal plans. FCM's maturity scale is an evaluation tool that will help you:

Evaluate how your community incorporates climate adaptation into policy, staffing, and managing risks within projects and teams.

Identify practical outcomes to achieve in each area to move your municipality to the next level, no matter where you are starting from.

Quickly identify areas for potential improvement in your municipality's current climate change adaptation practices.

Advance along a pace that suits your community's needs, size and resources.

This tool is for Canadian communities and cities of all sizes working to adapt to climate change at any stage. Municipalities that receive MCIP funding to work on climate adaptation will be required to measure and report on their progress using this scale.