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AAMDC and U of A Survey: The role of land use tools as part of long-term strategy for local development

The University of Alberta, with the support of AAMDC and AUMA, is undertaking a survey to assist in development tools that will assist municipalities. The survey organizers have provided the following introduction:

We are a group of interdisciplinary scholars from the University of Alberta developing research on land use tools, governance adaptations and long-term perspectives. As much as we would like to visit all of Alberta's municipalities and communities we are not able to do so, we have therefore designed this survey and with the support of AUMA and AAMDC hope to reach as many places in Alberta as possible. 

This survey will take around 15 minutes depending on how long you decide to elaborate your answers. Although we encourage you to elaborate as much as possible we understand there are time constrains and therefore if there questions you decide not to answer you may skip them but please make sure you submit your questions by clicking “done” at the end of the survey. 

To complete the survey, please click here.

In addition to sharing the results of this survey, we would also like to share the outcomes of our fieldwork and analysis through an online “toolkit” as well as a printed community guide for reflection and long-term planning. 

Be assured that all the answers you provide will be strictly confidential. If you decide to mention names we will exclude them from the results. All the information collected will be destroyed at the end of the research period (approx. 2 years).

For further comments or questions on this survey or on our research please contact: Monica Gruzmacher

Thank you for agreeing to take part in this survey. 

Enquiries may be directed to:

Matt Dow
Policy Analyst

Tasha Blumenthal
Director, Advocacy & Communications