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Alberta Municipal Affairs: Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) Local Land Use Planning Grants Available

Alberta municipalities with populations under 3,500 who are working to complete a municipal development plan (MDP) for the first time are invited to submit a grant application under the new, limited-term Alberta Community Partnership (ACP) Local Land Use Planning (LLUP) component from Municipal Affairs.

The LLUP offers grants at maximums up to $30,000, and are intended to help small municipalities benefit from improved long-term planning standards under the new Municipal Government Act (MGA).  For the first time, all municipalities in Alberta, regardless of size, are required to complete a MDP by April 21, 2021. Further information on the ACP LLUP component including updated program guidelines and application form are available on the Municipal Affairs website here.

  • The purpose of the LLUP component is to offer grant assistance to municipalities that are completing municipal development plans (MDPs) for the first time.
  • A municipality qualifies for the LLUP component if it has a population under 3,500 and did not have MDP in force by bylaw prior to December 9, 2016.
  • Grant maximums under the LLUP component are $15,000 for summer villages; $20,000 for villages; and $30,000 for towns; and approved funds may be used towards the direct costs of developing an MDP for a qualifying municipality. See ACP Program Guidelines, Schedule 6 for further information.
  • LLUP applicants can complete their application using the Alberta Community Partnership Online (ACPO) web tool hosted on MAConnect or use a pdf application form, found here.