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Have your say - Alberta's Action on Caribou: Caribou Range Planning

Alberta's Action on Caribou: Caribou Range Planning

Alberta is taking leadership when it comes to preserving caribou herds, while protecting Indigenous rights and respecting the lives and work of the many individuals employed in resource industries within caribou ranges. We want to ensure caribou remain a part of our landscapes, well into the future.

Guided by the Alberta Caribou Action Plan, we will work to find a combination of habitat and population management actions. We will address the objectives of Alberta’s woodland caribou recovery plan and policy, and the federal recovery strategies for Boreal and Southern Mountain woodland caribou populations.

Caribou Range Planning Engagement

Chart showing three stages of  Caribou Range Planning Engagement Engagement in support of caribou range planning in Alberta has been broken into two general phases prior to final range plan release as follows:

  • Phase One: Engagement and Plan Drafting
  • Phase Two: Engagement on Draft Plan
  • Release of Final Range Plan

Currently, we are in Phase One of the engagement for the following caribou range planning areas:

  • Narraway/Redrock
  • Nipisi/Slave Lake
  • Northeast Alberta
  • Northwest Alberta

To learn more about where these caribou range planning areas are, see the map below.

To provide us with feedback on your thoughts, ideas and concerns on caribou range planning, please click on the Contribute to Range Planning tab below.

UPDATE: Participants who wish to submit additional comments for the Little Smoky / A La Peche range planning area may now do so using our open submission form. For details, see: