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The acronym dictionary: a handy reference tool

In any industry there are standard arconyms commonly used by those 'in the know' that are often a mystery to people from other walks of life. In the interests of making information accessible to all land-use practioners, whether from industry, government, academia, or the general public, the Land-use Knowledge Network has developed an on-going list of acronyms that may be used in resources found on our site. We will endeavour to keep this list current and accurate - although it will never be fully complete - and welcome any additions or corrections. Entries are alphabetical.

ABMI  -  Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

  • LARP  -  Lower Athabasca Regional Plan
  • SSPR  -  South Saskatchewan Planning Region

ACC  -  Alberta Caribou Committee

  • ACCGB  -  Alberta Caribou Committee Governance Board
  • ALT  -  Athabasca Landscape Team
  • WCCLP  -  West Central Caribou Landscape Planning (team)

AEW  -  Alberta Environment and Water

ASRD  -  Alberta Sustainable Resources Development

AWC  -  Alberta Water Council

  • PEACH  -  Provincial Ecological Aquatic Criteria for Health (project team)
  • WATSUP  -  Water Allocation Transfer System Upgrade Project (team)
  • CEP  -  Water Conservation, Efficiency and Productivity (project team/plan)

AWCRT  -  Alberta Woodland Caribou Recovery Team

BCC  -  Boral Caribou Committee

CAPP  -  Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

CBM  -  Coalbed methane

CEMA  -  Cumulative Environmental Management Association

COSEWIC  -  Committee o the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada

CSUR  -  Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources (formerly CSUG)

EC  -  Environment Canada

EOR  -  Enhanced oil recovery

ESCC  -  Endangered Species Conservation Committee

FRI  -  Foothills Research Institute

NCASI  -  National Council for Air and Stream Improvement

NRTEE  -  National Round Table on the Environment and Economy

OSLI  -  Oil Sands Leadership Initiative

  • RWMS  -  Regional Water Management Solutions

PTAC  -  Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada

  • AUPRF  -  Alberta Upstream Petroleum Research Fund
  • REMTAP  -  Resource Emissions Management Technology Action Plan
  • SME  -  Small & Medium Enterprises
  • TEREE  -  Technology for Emission Reduction and Eco-efficiency

RAMP  -  Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program

TDS  -  Total dissolved solids

WPAC  -   Watershed Planning & Advisory Councils