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Growing Forward: The Capital Region Growth Plan (2009)

Approved in 2010, this plan, Growing Forward: The Capital Region Growth Plan (2009) is currently in effect until the 2016 plan Re-imagine. Plan. Build: Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan (2016) is approved by the Provincial Government.

The 2010 Capital Region Growth Plan: Growing Forward is the Capital Region’s 35 year growth strategy for managing growth as a Region. The aim is simple: to ensure sustainability of the Region for future generations. The Growth Plan represents a shift in planning with the emphasis on greater integration of land uses and GIS, with transportation and housing. The goal is to ensure the long term prosperity and sustainability of the region through more coordinated planning of growth.

The Growth Plan is a landmark agreement among the member municipalities to a new regional policy framework that describes how we will collectively manage growth across four priority areas – Land Use, Intermunicipal Transit, Housing and Geographic Information Services. The plan’s foundation is based on a set of six core principles and numerous policy frameworks to guide the Board’s decision-making at a local and regional level.

  1. Protect the Environment and Resources
  2. Minimize the Regional Footprint
  3. Strengthen Communities
  4. Increase Transportation Choice
  5. Ensure Efficient Provision of Services
  6. Support Regional Economic Development

The plan identifies the overall development patterns and key future infrastructure investments to complement existing infrastructure, services, and land uses to maximize the benefits to the Capital Region. The plan is a blueprint for coordinating decision making in the Region to enable economic growth and ensure strong communities and a healthy environment.

The Board’s goal is to ensure the Capital Region is sustainable, competitive on the global stage and is an attractive, livable place to live with the highest quality of life. All residents will benefit from the Board’s work to ensure our long term future of the Region.