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Municipalities & Biodiversity Webinar

Municipalities & Biodiversity Webinar

Tools & Policies for Measuring & Mitigating Biodiversity Loss

On September 16, 2020, the Alberta Land Institute invited 3 guests to share their expertise about the role municipalities play in protecting, measuring and mitigating biodiversity.

The webinar included:

Dr. Cameron Jefferies, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law University of Alberta who shared updates to the Municipal Government Act that enable and require the protection of biodiversity in Alberta (slide deck)

Catherine Shier, Principal Ecological Planner City of Edmonton walked us through the different policies and tools the City of Edmonton uses to measure and find protection "hot spots"  (slide deck)

Dr. Colleen St. Clair, Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Alberta then followed up with very interesting research findings related to wildlife-human conflicts and habitat fragmentation (hint: here's where the corn chips come in -- watch the replay to learn more...) (slide deck)

Explore the opportunities and challenges Alberta municipalities face when protecting biodiversity in this webinar (1hour 17 minutes)