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South Saskatchewan Regional Plan: 2014-2024

The Government of Alberta released the final version of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan on July 23, 2014.

South Saskatchewean Regional Plan (February 16, 2017) updated version

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (July 23, 2014) original version

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan: Draft (2013)

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan: Profile for the Land-use Framework Report (2009)

South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Members (2010)

South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Roles and Responsibilities (2010)

Terms of Reference for Developing the South Saskatchewan Region (2009)

The Government of Alberta established the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council (RAC) in May 2009. This was the second RAC created under Alberta’s Land-use Framework. Government-supplied terms of reference asked the RAC to explore the relationship between population growth, water supply, economic growth and land conservation.


The 19-member advisory council held 13 meetings across the region, from Calgary to Medicine Hat to Strathmore. Council members also participated in public information, stakeholder and municipality sessions, received more than 100 stakeholder submissions and devoted countless hours to reviewing reports, policies and other sources of information. Landowners, municipal officials and business people sat on the council. Others brought expertise in energy, conservation and stewardship, agriculture, and irrigation to the table. All RAC members are connected to and have broad experience and knowledge of the region.