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Video: Advancing an Integrated Approach to Tailings Management (Andy Ridge)

Andy Ridge is the Executive Director for Water Policy at Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development. His keynote presentation at the Oil Sands Tailings 2014 Conference is in three parts.

Part One 14:15

In his introduction, Andy Ridge discusses the context of the Alberta Government's approach to developing a new tailings management policy.

Part Two 12:09

He describes the three elements of management frameworks (limits, monitoring and response) and how that is informing the policy development of tailings management from the Government of Alberta and the operational regulation from the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Part Three 19:42

He also discusses risk management, monitoring and threshold limits as warning systems and managing with the end of in mind. He encourages collaboration and innovation as oil sands companies research the most effective solutions to managing mine tailings.

Andy Ridge's presentation was part of OSTRF's International Oil Sands Tailings Conference, Lake Louise, Alberta, 7-10 December 2014.