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Video - Alberta's Upstream Petroleum Industry's Spill Preparedness: The Co-op Approach. Presentation by Alan McFadyen

Alan McFadyen describes how the Alberta oil and gas industry decided to go with a oil/gas spill cooperative rather than having individual company spill response units. Cooperative efforts results a better geographic placement of response units and shared training. Better communications with government regulators and the public is another benefit. Alan describes the evolution and organization of WCSS. He covers in detail the equipment available for a response unit to access immediately and also regionally.

Air boats, boom and skimmers are covered. Equipment usage by non-members is possible on a rental basis. He describes how cities and towns can do some basic information sharing and equipment preparation with WCSS that would speed spill response.

Alan McFadyen is President and Chief Operating Officer for Western Canada Spill Services Ltd.. His presentation was part of the CWRA/WPAC Joint Conference, Red Deer, Alberta, March 13-14, 2013.