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Video - Food Environment, Health, and Chronic Disease: 2015 AIA Green Paper

Catherine Chan, professor for the Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science for the University of Alberta, discusses an ecological model of the food environment. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the framework of the food supply; of seeing all the factors and relationships involved. This includes the environment, economy, farm production, manufacturers and weather and market changes. Individual food choices are made within a complex framework with different factors and influences.

Noreen Willows, associate professor of Community Nutrition for the University of Alberta, discusses food insecurity and its impact on the decisions people make about the food they eat. She discusses the difficulties that millions of Canadians have in accessing nutritious and safe food, and how this difficulty impacts the amount and type of food they eat, as well as the amount of anxiety they experience when thinking about future food choices. This presentation was a part of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists 11th Annual Banff Conference, March 31-April 2, 2015.

Note: Portions of this presentation are not included at the request of the presenters.