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2013 Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program Research-Practitioner Information Exchange Forum: Posters

At the Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program Research-Practitioner Information Exchange Forum held from April 24-25, 2013, a series of posters were presented, reflecting some of the ongoing research being done related to mountain pine beetle in Alberta.

Click on the poster title to read the abstract and view the poster (when available).

  1. Transformation of Alberta forests by mountain pine beetle.  Rene Alfaro, Brad Hawkes, Lara vanAkker & Jodi Axelson
  2. Physiological and molecular responses of lodgepole and jack pine trees under environmental stress to the blue stain fungus, Grosmannia clavigera Adriana Arango-Velez, Jill Hamilton, Dominik Royko, L. Irina Zaharia & Janice E.K. Cooke
  3. Soil nutrition and phenols in mountain pine beetle-killed forests Paul W. Cigan, Justine Karst, Nadir Erbilgin & James F. Cahill
  4. The hidden role or host defense relaxation in MPB release: A lesson in real-world, low-density nonlinear dynamics. Barry J. Cooke
  5. Application of genomics to understand forest-pest interaction. C.I. Cullingham, J.E.K. Cooke & D.W. Coltman
  6. Using fire to trigger cone opening in an aerial seedbank in recently dead or healthy jack pine stands. Hyejin Hwang, Victor Lieffers, Soung Ryu & Dave Schroeder
  7. Using genomics to identify adaptive variation at the mountain pine beetle expansion front. Jasmine Janes
  8. Potential for change after MPB attack: Ecosystem dynamics during the early red attack phase. A.C.S. McIntosh, S.E. Macdonald
  9. Initial changes to understory plant community diversity following mountain pine beetle attack. Gregory Pec, Justine Karst, Suzanne Simard, James Cahill Jr.
  10. Early impact of mountain pine beetle on water balance of lodgepole pine in Alberta. Pablo Pina, Uldis Silins & Ellen Macdonald
  11. Investigating the use of fire as a regnerative tool under recently killed jack pine stands in Northeastern Alberta. Maria Sharpe, Soung Ryu, Victor Lieffers & Dave Schroeder
  12. Effects of mountain pine beetle attack on forest root abundance and structure. Alexandra Sywenky, Paul Cigan, Justine Karst & James Cahill
  13. Can community interactions mediate mountain pine beetle responses to fire?  Crisia Tabacaru, Jane Park & Nadir Erbilgin