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2014 Oil Sands Tailings Conference - Proceedings

In December 2014 the Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility (OSTRF) and the University of Alberta Geotechnical Centre were hosts to the 4th International Oil Sands Tailings Conference. 

Some videos of presentations from the conference can be found below:

  1. Dr. David Sego - Welcome to the 2014 Conference
  2. Andy Ridge - Advancing and Integrated Approach to Tailings Management: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  3. Alan Fair & Al Hyndman: Oil Sands Tailings: An Historical Perspective. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
  4. Dr. John Sobkowicz - Ingenuity Gap in Oil Sands Tailings Technology
  5. Dr. Nicholas Beier - Cross Flow Filtration Assessment by TMSim
  6. Dr. Heather Kaminsky - Measuring Strength in Oil Sands Tailings Deposits
  7. Jonathan Matthews - COSIA Collaboration on Tailings Treatment
  8. Dr. Ron Currie - Towards a COSIA standard for fines measurement in oil sands
  9. Dr. John Sobkowicz - Guidelines for Performance Management of FFT for Mine Closure
  10. Ruijun Sun - Column Consolidation Testing of Oil Sands Tailings
  11. Feixia Zhang - Permeability in Drying Tailings
  12. Dr. Heather Kaminsky - Demystifying the Methylene Blue Index
  13. Srboljub Masala - Geotechnical Insights Into Thickened Tailings; Shell Tailings Testing Facility
  14. Lois Boxill - Predicting Dewatering and Material Performance of Flocculated MFT
  15. Ruijun Sun - Capture sand in flocculated fines
  16. Dr. Reza Nik - Conventional oil sands tailings can achieve fines captures of 60% & higher
  17. Dr. Aref Najafi - Flooding tailings after thin lift drying