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Conference (2016): Alberta Agriculture & Forestry (AAF) Biodiversity and Foresty - Workshop Proceedings

On March 16, 2016 Forest Management Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry hosted a workshop entitled Biodiversity & Forestry. The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network is pleased to provide access to many of the informative presentations given at the workshop, available below.

  1. Dave CoatesShifting Thinking - Complexity Science as a New Basis for Managing Forests
  2. Laurie KremsaterBC Coast Forest Strategy Adaptive Management Program Stand-level Practices
  3. John Stadt - A few thoughts on emulating natural disturbance, ecosystem-based management, and structure retention
  4. Dave Andison - Forest Management as a Tool to Create Healthier Landscapes
  5. Carolyn Campbell - Alberta's Forests: Biodiversity and Forestry
  6. Ellen Macdonald - The EMEND Experiment: Impacts of Variable Retention Harvesting on Biodiversity
  7. Jaime Pinzon - Impacts of Variable Retention Harvesting on Biodiversity
  8. John Spence & Colin Bergeron - The Emend Experiment: Testing the Natural Disturbance Paradigm in the Boreal Mixed Wood Forest (pending permission to post)