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Resource List: Lower Peace Regional Plan

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Regional Plans

Lower Peace Regional Plan

Lower Peace Region covers an area from the Alberta-British Columbia border to the west, includes Wood Buffalo National Park to the east, goes north to the Alberta-North West Territories border, and dips south of the Calling Lake Provincial Park to the south boundary of the M.D. of Opportunity. In total, the Lower Peace Region is 19,219,748 hectares, making it the largest of the seven regions.

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The Regional Plan

Status: Not Started


The Lower Peace Regional Plan

The Land-Use Secretariat

Regional Maps and Shape Files

Alberta Land Stewardship Act (2009)

The legal basis for the development of regional plans under the Land-use Framework. In 2011, amendments to ALSA provided greater clarity.

Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation

Provides clear rules for Albertans concerning the implementation of regional plans under the Land-use Framework.

Land-use Framework (2008)

Provides a blueprint for land-use management and decision-making that addresses Alberta’s growth pressures.

Land-use Framework: Understanding Land-use in Alberta (2007)

The way in which land is used, the land-use issues, and the choices required to best manage and sustain land for Alberta's future.