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Resource List: North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) Regional Plans

North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

North Saskatchewan Region is bordered by the Alberta-Saskatchewan border to the east, the Alberta-British Columbia border to the west; it peaks at the north boundary of Smoky Lake County and includes Banff National Park. It includes Edmonton and seven other cities. The North Saskatchewan Region is approximately 8,578,088 hectares, which makes it the third largest of the seven regions.

Resources and Links

The Regional Plan

Status: The North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Recommendations Report Survey is now closed. Please stay tuned for the next steps.


The North Saskatchewan Regional Plan

The Land-Use Secretariat

Regional Maps and Shape Files

Alberta Land Stewardship Act (2009)

The legal basis for the development of regional plans under the Land-use Framework. In 2011, amendments to ALSA provided greater clarity.

Alberta Land Stewardship Regulation

Provides clear rules for Albertans concerning the implementation of regional plans under the Land-use Framework.

Land-use Framework (2008)

Provides a blueprint for land-use management and decision-making that addresses Alberta’s growth pressures.

Land-use Framework: Understanding Land-use in Alberta (2007)

The way in which land is used, the land-use issues, and the choices required to best manage and sustain land for Alberta's future.

LUS Supporting Documents


Phase 3


Phase 2

Advice to the Government of Alberta for the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (2018)

Phase 1


Meeting Agendas and Notes

North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Agendas and Notes (July 2014 to November 2014)

Scroll down to bottom of page to find links for the meeting agendas and notes from this RAC.

Regional Advisory Council

North Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council Members (2010)

The Regional Advisory Council (RAC) was appointed by Cabinet and consists of 27 members. The RAC is led by a Chair which represents the Government of Alberta.

Frequently Asked Questions – Regional Advisory Council

North Saskatchewan Regional Plan: Profile for the Land-use Framework Report (2014)

The profile provides an overview of key social, economic and environmental factors in the region that need to be considered in developing a regional plan. The report outlines major land uses currently underway, highlights important trends and identifies additional or changing human activities that can be expected in the region.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Region (2014)

The Terms of Reference for Developing the North Saskatchewan Regional Plan specify what is inside and outside the scope of a regional plan by providing guidance on the economic, environmental and social factors that are to be considered as the Regional Advisory Council (RAC) prepares its advice to Cabinet and as the Government of Alberta prepares the regional plan.

Other Publications

Andison, D.W. (2011). Defining pre-industrial and current disturbance regime parameters for the North Saskatchewan regional planning area: A technical report prepared for the Alberta Government in support of the North Saskatchewan land use planning process. Foothills Research Institute.

Stockdale, C. (2011). Disturbance regimes of the North Saskatchewan regional plan area: A state-of-knowledge report on fire regimes and disturbance of the forests, grassland, and ecotones. Foothills Research Institute.