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Video - Alternative Tier II SSROs that Acknowledge Non-Contaminant Effects. Presentation by Barry Zajdlik

Barry Zajdlik outlines a method to develop Site Specific Remedial Objectives (SSRO) for Tier II petroleum contaminated sites when both petroleum products and soil properties affect the results of soil toxicity tests. Barry Zajdlik describes DRAMA (Data Reduction and Model Averaging) as a process to reduce the effect of redundant variables and to reconcile competing models that describe observed soil toxicity as a function of contaminant and non-contaminant variables. He finishes by describing how the process worked for three sites.  

Barry Zajdlik is Principal of Zajdlik and Associates Inc. He has worked as a statistician in the field of environmental toxicity for 20 years and is currently a PhD candidate, Department of Biology, University of Waterloo. His presentation was part of the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada's Soil and Groundwater Forum, Calgary, March 25, 2013.