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Video - Eco-toxicity of sulphate relative to chloride and ion-specific soil guidelines. Presentation by Miles Tindal

Miles Tindal, from Millennium EMS Solutions Ltd., discusses his research on the eco-toxicity of sulphate and chloride and ion-specific soil guidelines for each.
Testing was done to determine if there is a significant difference between the toxicity of chloride and sulphate. Eleven plants were studied, such as alfalfa, beans and potatoes, and the results showed that one plant found sulphate to be more toxic, three were unclear, and seven showed chloride to be more toxic.
He concluded that sulphate was significantly less phytotoxic than chloride in this test, and created soil guidelines for sulphate and chloride, with an Ion concentration basis, and an EC basis.
This presentation was a part of the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada Soil and Groundwater Forum, March 2014