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Video - Ecophysiology & species silvics for successful stand rehabilitation. Part 1. Presentation by Steve Grossnickle

Part 1 of 2

Steven Grossnickle, forest ecophysiologist for NurseryToForest Solutions, talks about the importance of giving consideration to ecophysiology and silvics when aiming for successful stand rehabilitation after a Mountain Pine Beetle attack. He cautions foresters against “turning a plant into a widget” and encourages the audience to remember they are working within a plant based system when making forestry decisions.
Grossnickle defines and explains the significance of silvics and ecophysiology as it relates to forestry and Mountain Pine Beetle attacks. It’s important, when there is a roadblock in the work being done, to be able to think of a solution from an ecophysiological perspective. Since there are multiple environmental conditions and tree species, and a wide range of plant species and growth, forestry solutions will not be one size fits all. This presentation was a part of the Mountain Pine Beetle Information Exchange Forum, April 2014.

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