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Video: Food for Thought: Urban Agriculture and Resiliency (Bouris, Lennon, Peters-Snider, & Syal)

Building Resilience: National Planning Conference

June 17 – 20, 2017

Alberta Professional Planners Institute & Canadian Institute of Planners.

Calgary, Alberta

Our cities, towns, and communities are facing a growing number of changes. From understanding new environmental concerns to responding to shifts in demographics and our globalizing local economies, planners and their colleagues are navigating new realities of what ‘building resilience’ means.

The 2017 Annual Conference aims to support those engaged with building resiliency through an engaging, collaborative, and thought provoking forum to explore this critical aspect of our shared futures. From celebrating successes, to sharing key learnings, to highlighting emerging research and best practices, this conference brings practitioners, policy makers, community leaders, students, and others with an interest in community and regional planning, together in thoughtful dialogue.

Food for Thought: Urban Agriculture and Resiliency (SS-37)


Kristina Bouris, Senior Planner, City of Victoria: Lettuce Turnip the Beet - Regulating Commercial Urban Agriculture

Kristi Peters Snider, Sustainability Consultant, City of Calgary and Kathryn Lennon, Principal Planner, City of Edmonton: Urban Planning and Food Systems

Bela Syal, Strategic Advisor, Section23 Developments: Integration of Agriculture Urbanism in Comprehensive Neighbourhood Design (awaiting approval from presenter)

Access to local food, urban agricultural production, and commercial urban agriculture are hot topics in Canadian planning. Learn more about Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria are seizing new opportunities in urban agriculture. This discussion includes regulatory and emerging ideas related to urban agriculture.