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Video - Quo Vadis: The living soil and society? Part 1. Presentation by Dr. William McGill

Dr. William McGill was a keynote speaker at the 50th Alberta Soil Science Workshop, Feb. 2013. Dr McGill makes the fundamental case that soils are at the intersection of interactions among the biosphere, the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. However, the fragmentation of soils knowledge (soils engineering and soils mechanics, reclamation science, geology, genetics) means that soils are being studied intensely (e.g. new antibiotics from soil microflora, novel enzymes) but without the interscience conversations that lead to transformative understandings of soil knowledge. Dr. McGill makes the case that the future of science on soils is ours to choose.

Dr. William McGill is Acting Dean, Graduate Studies and professor of Ecosystem Science and Management at the University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, B.C. In February, 2013, he was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the organization that publishes the journal Science, the most widely-read peer-reviewed scientific journal in the world. Dr. Bill McGill was elected a Fellow of AAAS for his contributions to soil science and for effective science communication to students and the public at large.

This is part one of the video. View part two here.