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Video - Secondary Suites: Changes to Make Secondary Suites a Reality (Cliff de Jong)

Alberta Professional Planners Institute 2016 Annual Conference

Meeting Change

October 2-4, 2016

Jasper, Alberta

Canada’s west has endured a variety of changes in recent years.  Economically, politically, demographically, technologically, environmentally – we are immersed in our evolution.  We have been and will be confronting, embracing, and addressing an unfolding political landscape, economic challenges, climate change, technical advancements, and immigrant influx and cultural diversification. Not only that, the planning frameworks for Alberta are also undergoing transformations. Whether addressing emergent opportunities or delivering transformation, new challenges and creative solutions provide important platforms for actively sharing and embracing the changes around us. At the 2016 APPI Conference we gather with the great minds of the planning profession to learn, discuss, and boldly meet change.

Secondary Suites (Cliff de Jong)


Cliff de Jong, Coordinator, Issues Management, City of Calgary

5C Secondary Suites: Changes to Make Secondary Suites a Reality

The City of Calgary and its citizens have been involved in an increasingly polarized debate about the appropriateness of secondary suites in our communities. At this presentation, find out how Calgary has responded to conflicting pressures from communities and Council to crack down on unsafe and illegal suites but also to make suites more widely available and improve housing choice. We have used a “suite” of policy options and implementation tools to increase the profile of suite safety, and make safe secondary suites easier to develop. Learning Units: 1.0