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Video - Soil Science in Alberta: History & Direction. Part 1. Presentation by Dr. Ross McKenzie

Dr. Ross McKenzie was a keynote speaker at the 50th Alberta Soil Science Workshop in Feb. 2013. Dr. Ross McKenzie makes the case that the relationship between soil science researchers and agricultural producers (something we used to call extension or technology transfer) was a vibrant pipeline for innovation in Alberta. He succinctly describes the development of Alberta's soils after the last glaciation and the limited supply of highly productive soils in Alberta. Initially successful crop-fallow systems collided with Alberta's variable climate in the Dirty Thirties. This is where the relationships between researchers and farmers led to innovation.

Dr. Ross McKenzie is an Agronomy Research Scientist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and adjunct professor with the University of Lethbridge. He received the Distinguished Agrologist Award from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists in 1997