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Mountain Pine Beetle Information Exchange Forum 2014 - Conference Proceedings

On April 23rd and 24th, 2014, the fRI Mountain Pine Beetle Ecology Program hosted the annual Mountain Pine Beetle Information Exchange Forum in Edmonton. Over the course of the two days, participants heard about research (both completed as well as ongoing), and strategies for rehabilitation.

PDF versions of most of the presentations are available here; videos of these presentations will be posted in the coming weeks, as well.

Status Reports:

  1. Tim Ebata - Status Report from British Columbia 01TimEbata.pdf
  2. Erica Samis - Status Report from Alberta Video  02EricaSamis.pdf
  3. Rory McIntosh - Status Report from Saskatchewan 03RoryMcIntosh.pdf
  4. Chuck Rhoades - Status Report from the US: Colorado to Montana  Video 04ChuckRhoadesTalk 1.pdf  

MPB Research:

  1. Crisia Tabacaru - Mountain pine beetles in post burn lodgepole pine forests  Video  06CrisiaTabacaru.pdf
  2. Janice Cooke - Tria Network - Dynamics of MPB populations in novel pine habitats 08JaniceCooke.pdf
  3. Jennifer Klutsch - Development of monitoring tools to detect MPB at low densities 10JenniferKlutsch.pdf
  4. Uldis Silins - Impacts of MPB on hydrology and vegetative redevelopment in lodgepole pine forests of west-central Alberta 11UldisSilins.pdf
  5. Sharon Meredith - Stand dynamics after MPB attack 12SharonMeredith.pdf
  6. Harry Nelson - Assessing the effectiveness of Alberta's forest management strategies against the MPB  Video   13HarryNelson.pdf
  7. Jim Stephenson  and Derek Sidders - FRIAA project: Innovative stand establishment and regeneration systems to rehabilitate MPB affected stands on boreal sites north of Grande Prairie  Jim Stephenson Video 14JimStephenson.pdf  15DerekSidders.pdf

Rehabilitation Issues:

  1. Chuck Rhoades - Pine beetle effects on Colorado lodgepole pine systems: a decade of watershed and management research Video Pt 1  Video Pt 2  16ChuckRhoadesTalk_2.pdf
  2. Dave Coates - To restore or walk away: understanding recovery and self-organization of MPB impacted stands Video Pt 1, Video Pt 2  17DaveCoates.pdf
  3. Vic Lieffers - The keys to successful natural regeneration of serotinous pine Video Pt 1, Video Pt 2 18VicLieffersMPB Regen FRI 2014.pdf
  4. Steve Grossnickle - What we need to know about ecophysiology and species' silvics for successful rehabilitation Video Pt 1  Video Pt 2  19SteveGrossnickle.pdf
  5. Brookes Horne - Achieving success on post beetle landscapes in Alberta  Video  20BrookesHorne.pdf
  6. Dave Andison - Alternative perspectives on rehabilitating post beetle landscapes 21DaveAndison.pdf