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Advances in knowledge of riparian processes, hydrological functions, forest management mapping tools and monitoring procedures

On February 6, 2013 the fRI Water Program hosted a workshop entitled Advances in Knowledge of Riparian Processes, Hydrological Functions, Forest Management Mapping Tools and Monitoring Procedures.  Presentations from this workshop were captured on video by the Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network.

  1. Axel Anderson - Introduction to Riparian Function & Processes, Alberta Forestry Perspective  View video
  2. Rich McCleary - A Drainage Network Model for Regional-scale Land-use Planning in Alberta's Foothills  View video
  3. Rick Bonar - Riparian Digital Mapping Using Ecological Boundaries in West-central Alberta  View video
  4. Derek Tripp - Streamside Management & Riparian Assessments in British ColumbiaView video
  5. Jay Mills - Riparian Vegetation: Identifying Boundaries & Quantifying Structure using LiDAR  View video
  6. Barry White - Can Wet Areas Mapping Data Contribute to Riparian Management?   View video
  7. John Stadt - Riparian Management in Alberta's Forests: Where We Are - Where We Are Going  View video
  8. Lorin Hicks - Adaptive Management and Native Fish Conservation Planning  View video
  9. Dave Andison - Riparian Zones are Part of the Landscape Too  View video
  10. George Sterling - Tri-Creeks Experimental Watershed StudyView video