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Video - Bathymetric LiDARs for hydrographic mapping. Presentation by Paul LaRocque

Paul LaRocque, vice president of Advanced Technology for Optech Incorporated, talks about Bathymetric LiDARs for Hydrographic Mapping, with a focus on ALTM systems and data fusion.

LiDAR systems have been adapted for marine, space, and terrestrial mapping. He discusses the world’s first commercial airborne laser terrain mapper - the ALTM. Created by Optech Inc., they include a shallow water, and a deep water mapper. Testing was done in Lake Ontario for the shallow water system, and it successfully mapped the land surface, water surface, and bottom. The deep water mapper is the coastal zone mapping and imaging LiDAR that provides nine layers of data about the water being evaluated, including information about coral, sand, and vegetation.

Optek was also a key partner in getting LiDAR on Mars. This presentation was a part of the Alberta Terrestrial Imaging Centre’s LiDAR/SAR Wetland and Water Monitoring Workshop in June of 2014.