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Video - LiDAR & Water Resources Applications, Part 3 - Data uncertainties; Presentation by Dr. Chris Hopkinson

In the third of seven videos, Dr. Chris Hopkinson describes the uncertainties that come as LiDAR point cloud data is measured, selected and then used in data modelling. Considering the number of steps in processing LiDAR data, data uncertainties needs to be considered and accounted for in planning the LiDAR data acquisition. High data density is not necessarily a good thing since the trade-off is lower radar intensity. Signal intensities do vary and decimetres of error can be introduced if not properly calibrated. He finished this video by discussing how in forestry, canopy modelling needs some years of data before you can be confident that the LiDAR is measuring real changes in the forest vegetation.

This presentation was part of a series given in Lethbridge, Alberta on June 26-27, 2014.

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