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AIA 2016: Land and People - Conference Proceedings

The 2016 conference for the Alberta Institute of Agrolgists was held in April in Banff. This year's conference theme was "Land and People". You can access videos of presentations from the conference below.

2016 Green Paper: "Land and People"

  1. Dr. Anne Naeth & Dr. Vic Adamowicz - Green Paper Presentation. Part 1  Part 2
  2. Peter Pape & Toni McLeod - Professional Liability Insurance: Errors & Omissions
  3. Greg Sim - Legal Risk Management in Agrology Practice. Part 1  Part 2
  4. Dr. Terry LeBlanc - Care of Creation Model
  5. Dr. Brad Stelfox - Economic Uncertainty & the Interface Among Food Production, Urban Design & Natural Capital
  6. Bill Gallagher - The Impact of the Rise of Native Empowerment in Alberta
  7. Les Fuller - Update: Joint Practice Standards for Wetland Science, Design and Engineering
  8. Glen Semenchuk - Why Kill the Messenger? The Demise of CEMA
  9. Ed Wittingham - Is the Alberta Climate Change Leadership Plan a Game Changer?
  10. Duncan Kenyon - Pembina Institute Updates Landowner's Guide to Oil & Gas Development
  11. Doug Eyford - Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in 2016: Challenges and Opportunities
  12. Brent Paterson - Water and Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities
  13. Patrick Arnell - Rise of Urban Agriculture
  14. Paul Watson - Alberta's Environmental Farm Plan and Sustainable Sourcing
  15. Dan Heaney - Cropping System Management in the Age of Big Data
  16. Merle Good - People Die...Land Doesn't: Farmland Ownership?
  17. Jerome Martin - How to Use New Media to Tell Your Story
  18. AIA Plenary Panel and Discussion