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Conference (2013): Futursol: A New World Order

The 2013 Alberta Soil Science Workshop was held from February 19-21 in Lethbridge. This year's theme was:

Futursol: A New World Order

Over the course of three days, participants heard from keynote speakers, plenary speakers and poster sessions related to what's happening in Alberta related to soil - from agriculture to forestry to land reclamation.

The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network was pleased to record many of the sessions from ASSW 2013.

  1. Dr. Ross McKenzie - Soil science in Alberta - History and direction  Part One and Part Two
  2. Dr. Dan Pennock - Soil science needs to get dirtier  Part One and Part Two
  3. Dr. William McGill - Quo Vadis: The living soil and society  Part One and Part Two
  4. Rob Dunn - Southeast Alberta conservation offset pilot  View Video  
  5. Dr. Eric Bremer - Ion dynamics on synthetic resin membranes (PRSTM Probes)  View video
  6. Dr. Roland Kroebel - HOLOS - A GHG calculator growing up  View video 
  7. Dr. Francis Larney - Comparing soil and crop management in Kazakhstan & Alberta  View video
  8. Sascha Bachmann - Forest floor protection in the reclamation of temporary drilling pads  View video
  9. Mark Baah-Acheamfour - Soil carbon pools in 3 agroforestry systems in Alberta  View video
  10. Gerald Ontkean - Overview of land classification for irrigation in Alberta   View video
  11. Amanda Schoonmaker - Preliminary study: Forest soil development following industrial disturbances, NW Alberta.  View video
  12. Jason House - Water stress reduced lodgepole pine growth in reclaimed oilsands stands   View video
  13. Becky Doherty - Reclamation monitoring: Eye in the sky  View video
  14. Dr. Jim Miller - Evaluation of BMPs on the Lower Little Bow River  View video

Check back for more videos to be added to our site.