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CWRA Alberta Branch Annual Conference 2014 - 2013 Alberta Floods: The Rains, Response, Recovery & Resiliency

In March 2014 the Alberta Branch of the CWRA held their annual conference with the topic of the 2013 southern Alberta floods, and the aftermath. The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network recorded severl of the presentations.

  1. Frank Frigo - 2013 river flooding: A City of Calgary perspective
  2. John Pomeroy - Mountain hydrology relating to the Alberta flood of 2013
  3. Colleen Walford - Flood forecasting methodology in Alberta
  4. Stewart Rood & John Mahovney - Floods, floodplains and functional flows in Southern Alberta
  5. Mike Nemeth - The Bow Basin flood mitigation and watershed assessment project
  6. Carolyn Campbell - Flood resilience and headwaters management
  7. Patrick Delaney & Peter Onyshko - Hyrdaulic modelling for urban flood mapping on the Elbow River
  8. George Roman - Riparian areas mapping and multi-objective modelling for riparian areas
  9. Dave Murray - Will intense floods shape our spending on flood protection resources?
  10. Dr. Cathryn Ryan - The role of groundwater in flooding
  11. Syed Abbas - Alberta's flood recovery
  12. Graham Strickert - Exercise design for the Black Swan
  13. Jennifer He - Flood frequency analysis & forecasting under non-stationary scenarios