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Conference (2012): Watershed Planning & Advisory Councils (WPAC) Summit

Milk River played host to Alberta's Watershed Planning & Advisory Councils (WPACs) from September 24-27, 2012. The WPAC summit featured speakers and field tours, and provided each group an opportunity to share their region's successes, goals and challenges from the past year and looking to the future. The Land-use Knowledge Network captured these reports on video:

Updates from around the province:

  1. Athabasca Watershed Council - Marilou Montemayor
  2. Battle River Watershed Alliance - Hugh Sanders
  3. Beaver River Watershed Alliance - Harry Keess
  4. Bow River Basin Council - Mike Kelly
  5. Milk River Watershed Council - John Ross
  6. Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance - Kimberley Watson
  7. North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance - Les Gammie
  8. Oldman Watershed Council - Andy Hurly
  9. Red Deer River Watershed Alliance - Gerard Aldridge
  10. SEAWA - South East Alberta Watershed Alliance - Grayson Mauch

Presentations on water-related projects:

  1. Drywood/Yarrow Conservation Project - Dennis Lastuka
  2. Sharing the Water Within the South Saskatchewan River Basin (Henning Bjornlund)


More videos from the WPAC Summit will be added as they become available.