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Video - LiDAR Tools part 2: Dr. Martin Isenburg on LAStools - LASview

In this second video of six, Dr. Martin Isenburg explains how to use LASview to quality check LiDAR data and get a view of the data cloud that comes back from raw LiDAR data.

As a compact data viewer, LASview also enables manual editing of LiDAR data. LAStools GUI's, commands and hot keys are covered at the start of this video. LASview has a new feature of cross section views of parts of your LiDAR data.
Dr. Isenburg covers data issues, particularly on the edges of LiDAR flights and how LASview can be used to correct those data errors. Data points can be viewed in different colours so you can explore the LiDAR data by returns, classification, flight lines, triangulation, wireframe mode, etc.

LAStools can be explored at

Dr. Isenburg's presentation was part of the University of Lethbridge's LiDAR workshop, June26-27,2014.

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