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Video - LiDAR Tools part 6: Dr. Martin Isenburg on LAStools - Quality checking LiDAR data

In this last video of six, Dr. Martin Isenburg demonstrates how LAStools can be used to quality check LiDAR data. has three tutorials in Support. Also there are User Forums (a LAStools Google Group) for questions.  LASoverlap is used to visualize and output the differences in values between flight lines. He discusses errors from highly reflective surfaces and comparing LiDAR data to control point data. Dr. Isenburg finishes with a review of the output of the canopy height model started in ArcGIS in Part 5.

The details of LAStools can be explored on

Dr. Isenburg's presentation was part of the University of Lethbridge's LiDAR and radar workshop, June 26, 27, 2014.

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