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Video - LiDAR Tools part 3: Dr. Martin Isenburg on LAStools - Demo

LAStools is a compact set of tools for viewing, editing, analyzing and processing LIDAR data.

In this third video of six, Dr. Martin Isenburg uses a project demo to introduce LiDAR data analysis with LAStools, his modular tools for LiDAR processing. He quickly walks us through a demonstration of a small LiDAR project in Adelaide, Australia using LAStool modules. He demonstrates LASboundary, LAS2dem (hillshade model), LASoverlap (quality checking for flight line gaps and flight line differences), LASgrid (density grids), LASground (to find ground elevations), LASheight and LASclassify (to classify roofs and vegetation).

LAStools can be explored in detail at

Dr. Isenburg's presentation was part of the University of Lethbridge's LiDAR and Radar workshop, June 26-27,2014.

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