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2015 Alberta Soil Science Workshop: The International Year of Soils

The 2015 Alberta Soil Science Workshop was held February 17-19 in Edmonton with the theme of "The International Year of Soils." View some of the presentations here:

  1. Thomas DeLuca - Soil Carbon in Temperate & Boreal Ecosystems: First, Do No HarmPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
  2. John Pomeroy - Soil Moisture & Hydrology in Western CanadaPart 1, Part 2, Part 3
  3. Janna Casson - Evaluation of Nutrient & Irrigation Management BMPs in Southern Alberta
  4. Matthew Swallow - A Method for Determining Community Level Physiological Profiles of Organic Soil Horizons
  5. Shannon R. White - Biodiversity Management Frameworks for Alberta's Land Use Planning Regions
  6. Anish Neupane - Conservation Offset: A Tool for Land Management
  7. Marc Mayhew - A Comparison of Site Preparation Methods on Sub-surface soil Resistance and Moisture on Reclaimed Industrial Sites in Northwestern Alberta