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Conference (2012): 14th North American Caribou Workshop

The 14th North American Caribou Workshop was held September 26-28 2012 in Fort St. John BC. This year's theme was Caribou in Managed Landscapes, and reflects the unique challenges facing caribou in multi-use landscapes across Canada.

The Alberta Land-use Knowledge Network is pleased to provide videos of many presenters from the Workshop, as a means of sharing information to those unable to attend. You can also view posters from the Workshop's Poster Sessions here.  Full abstracts for all presentations can be found in this Conference Program.


  1. Chief Roland Willson - "I want to eat caribou before I die: First Nations perspectives on caribou conservation and management."  View video.

Designatable Unit Session - Conserving caribou across Canada: Current challenges and future activities

  1. Marco Festa-Bianchet - "Caribou conservation in a global context." View video
  2. Justina Ray - "Caribou designatable units in Canada and implication for assessment and recovery."  View video.
  3. Fiona Schmiegelow - "Boreal caribou: Ghosts of forests past?"  View video.
  4. Mathieu Dumond - "Summary review of the status, significance and management of Peary caribou and Dolphin and Union caribou."  View video.
  5. Martin-Hugues St-Laurent - "Population trends and conservation challenges of the Atlantic-Gaspesie caribou."  View video.

Aboriginal Knowledge, Genetics & Nutrition

  1. George Guanish - "Naskapi observations of the impacts of climatic and socio-environmental changes on the caribou in the Canadian subarctic and identification of priority adaptation strategies.View video.
  2. John Cook - "The potential importance of nutrition in habitat conservation programs for caribou. View video.
  3. Jonah Keim - "Nutritional mechanism impairs caribou pregnancy in the Alberta oil sands.View video.

Habitat Selection, Use and Impacts

  1. Mathieu Leblond - "Avoidance of roads by forest-dwelling caribou and its relation to disturbance intensity."  View video.
  2. Anna Skarin - "Using pellet-group counts to illustrate changes in reindeer habitat use in a managed boreal forest."  View video. 
  3. John Kansas - "Early post-fire forage availability, residual patch distribution adn habitat use of woodland caribou in the boreal shield of northern Saskatchewan.View video.
  4. Libby Williamson-Ehlers - "Not so peaceful: Quantifying 50 years of landscape change for caribou across the Peace region of British Columbia."  View video.
  5. Nicholas Larter - "Boreal caribou calving events in the Dehcho, Northwest Territories."  View video.

Predator and Prey Dynamics

  1. Martin Leclerc - "Calving area selection and calf survival in a highly managed landscape: A hierarchical approach.View video.
  2. Kyle Knopff - "Wolves, deer and beaver: Implications of prey enrichment and seasonal prey switching for woodland caribou declines."  View video.
  3. Rob Serrouya - "Five easy steps for mountain caribou recovery.View video.
  4. Doug Heard - "Does fewer moose lead to an increase in mountain caribou?View video
  5. Steve Gordon - "South Purcell Mountain caribou herd augmentation.View video.

More to come....